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NameDaniel Fowler
Web Sitehttp://tekeye.uk
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4643 Learning About Cross-Platform Solutions There is no central list of the various development environments and languages available to build Android Apps.
4012 Change the Text Size for a Spinner A Spinner is not like a TextView, the textSize attribute will not work (a Spinner is a ViewGroup).
3794 Passing Android Code Around There are plenty of code samples around, this site included, a clean way to use (and generate) example code is needed.
3448 Creating a Reusable About Box Class About Boxes are common in any application it is useful not to have to recode them for each new App.
3384 Add a Selection List when using AppCompatActivity Your App needs the use a list but the Activity uses AppCompatActivity.
3324 Scanning a Barcode or QR Code with the Google ZXing Barcode Scanner You want your App to be able to scan a Barcode or QR Code.
3280 Using Nine Patch Files When designing a User Interface you want to change the default View backgrounds to fit in with an App's overall style. The backgrounds must be able to scale correctly for different size Views.
3230 ImageButton State Graphics Using Inkscape You need to add interest to a screen with custom buttons.
3172 Providing a Link to Other Published Apps in the Google Play Market Your developed App is running on a device; you want a link to your other Apps on the Android Market to encourage users to try them.
2847 Using Hints Instead of Tool Tips Android devices can have small screens, there may not be room for help text, and tooltips are not part of the platform.
2749 Adding a Simple Raster Animation There is a need to add an animated image to a screen.
2719 Portrait or Landscape? Both! An Activity's screen should be useable in both portrait and landscape modes.
2688 Preserving Activity State Users expect Apps to be in the same position as when they were interrupted, e.g. from taking a call. Developers need to know how to restore Activity state.
2636 Reproducing Activity Life-Cycle Scenarios for Testing Apps should be resilient to the Activity Lifecycle. Developers need to know how to reproduce different lifecycle scenarios.
2549 Using Inkscape to Create an Android Launcher Icon Every good Android App deserves a custom launcher icon.
2359 Wiring Up an Event Listener in Five Different Ways Developers need to be familiar with the different ways to code event handlers, they they will come across different methods in tutorials, samples and online snippets.
2318 Adding a Border with Rounded Corners to a Layout There is a need to put a border around an area of the screen or add interest to a user interface.
2219 Handling the Nuances of strings.xml Entering text in strings.xml on most occasions is easy enough, but sometimes peculiar results crop up.
2159 Creating Easy Launcher Icons from OpenClipArt.org Using Paint.NET A good icon for an App is important. It helps set an App apart from others and is a must for an App to appear professional.
2122 Constraining EditText Values with Attributes and the TextWatcher Interface There is a need to limit the range and type of values being input.
1961 Eating Too Much CPU Time In The UI Causes A Nasty Result Any time consuming or intensive code in an event listener will make the UI appear slow and potentially cause an Application Not Responding error.
1829 Using SDK Samples to Help Avoid Head Scratching Sometimes it is a struggle to code up some functionality, especially when the documentation is sketchy or does not provide any examples.
1781 Keeping the Android SDK Updated The SDK must be kept updated to allow App developers to work with the latest APIs on the evolving Android platform.
1670 Starting a Second Screen from the First New App developers need a simple example on how to open another screen, thus understanding how Android handles UI creation.
1456 Setting Up an Android Virtual Device (AVD) for App Testing Successful Apps must run on a wide range of Android devices and versions.
1321 Setting Up Android Studio You want to develop your Android applications using Android Studio, so a concise guide to setting up that IDE is useful.