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Graphing with a Charting Package

In Chapter: Graphics
Author: Ian Darwin ('idarwin')
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You need charts or graphs, but don't want to write a lot of code.


Use a charting package.


There are two sets of charting packages that can be used.

The first are "pure Java" or at least "pure Android" packages, written in Java (maybe with GL graphics and/or in C++); these are probably the simplest. An example of this appears in 862 Orientation Changes : From ListView data values to Landscape Charting.

The second set are the graphing packages using HTML5 graphics, in which you'd use a "hybrid app" with a WebView containing the HTML5 Canvas view. Examples of this technique is in 4426 Exchanging Array Data between Java and JavaScript, and 851 Android HTML5 RGraph Charting.

A third, low-budget approach is to use Google Charts in a Webview; only useful if you have guaranteed connectivity and don't mind shipping your raw data up to Google to have them format it into a chart for you.

The following tables summarize first the Java-based packages and secondly the HTML5 packages.

Java Solutions
Java/Code-based Charting Packages
Name URL Remarks
AChartEngine http://code.google.com/p/achartengine/
afreechart http://code.google.com/p/afreechart/
AndroidPlot http://androidplot.com/
ChartDroid http://code.google.com/p/chartdroid/ Intent-based; usable from multiple apps
DroidCharts http://code.google.com/p/droidcharts/ Used in 862
GraphView http://android.arnodenhond.com/components/graphview Forked at https://github.com/jjoe64/GraphView
HTML5 Solutions
HTML5-based Charting Packages
Name URL Remarks
RGraph http://www.rgraph.net/
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