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In Chapter: Preface
Author: Ian Darwin ('idarwin')
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FormatLanguage: WikiFormat


Every wiki site seems to accept a slightly different subset of the Wiki language originated in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, and later adopted by Wikipedia and others. Here's how this site works in this regard.



Wiki Markup

In this site we are using a subset version of the well-known Wiki markup. Actual formatting is provided by gwtwiki. You can try out fragments of WikiText interactively using the WikiTryout page.

Wiki Markup Subset
If you want to see this You should enter this
Bold ’’’Bold’’’
Italic (use for filenames and URLs) ’’Italic’’
Typewriter (use for keywords, short code snippets, ...) <tt>Typewriter</tt>
[1] [http://foo.bar/]
Link [http://foo.bar/ Link]
See Preface See [[Preface]]
InterWiki links en:Wiki [[en:Wiki]]
Images/Screenshots uploaded per recipe [[Image:imageName.ext ]]
  • listitem
  • listitem
* listitem * listitem (no spaces before *)
  1. listitem
  2. listitem
# listitem # listitem
public class x {...}
<source lang='java'>public class x {...}</source>


== Heading = = (without spaces)


=== Sub-Heading = = = (ditto)
Tables See this page at Wikipedia


When possible, please create screenshots using the default QVGA resolution (e.g., 320 x 480, 8-bit/color RGB, or of course 480x320 if you are showing the effects of rotating the device). This way all the screenshots will come out the same size without causing wasted bandwidth. If this is an issue please file/vote for a bug report; it is possible to have them scaled at uploading time. if it's a problem for enough people.


Note Please do not use raw HTML codes; if there is something that cannot be expressed in the Wiki language, we probably need to extend it, so again, please file/vote for a bug report.


Lists here.

  • List
  • list
  • list

Not the list. Text in bold, italic, literal, ...

public class MyCuppaJava {
    public static void main() {

        int i = 42;
        boolean b = i > 12 && true;

        // This method is unlikely ever to be invoked

Here is how it looks on-screen:

'Startup screen'
Startup Screen

This is my table, which is my own.
Column heading 1 Column heading 2 Column heading 3
Row heading 1 Cell 2 Cell 3
Row heading A Cell B Cell C

See Also:

CheatSheet at Wikipedia


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