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Android® Cookbook - Contributor Rewards Program

Reward Program
The Rewards Program officially ended on December 31, 2011. From now on, contribution shall be its own reward.


  1. One pass to the O'Reilly Android Open 2011
    Johan Pelgrim was the winner in a random draw for the full pass to Android Open, "the first big-tent all-Android conference" to be held in San Francisco, California October 9-11, 2011... just a few days after JavaOne. Leading Android experts will be out in full force to share their advice!
  2. OSCON 2011 Conference (Portland, OR, July 2011) pass winner was Rachee Singh, chosen for the most submitted recipes. Rachee could not attend the conference, so we donated it to a local (Portland, OR) computer recycle/reuse non-profit, Free Geek.
  3. JAXConf Winner: user lunkwill (a.k.a Marco Dinacci) was the winner of a random draw from contributors who submitted five or more recipes at the end of May.
  4. Five publishable recipes == Your choice of $100 payment or O'Reilly books
    For each five (5) recipes you contribute by September 15, 2011, which are accepted by the editor for inclusion in the published edition of Android Cookbook as published by O'Reilly Media, you will receive your choice of one of the following honoraria:
    • USD$100 payment, or
    • Three (3) O'Reilly print books, or
    • Five (5) O'Reilly ebooks.
  5. Everybody who contributes even one recipe that is used in the published book will receive an ebook package of the complete finished book (available in all O'Reilly standard ebook supported formats), and will have their name listed in the book as a contributor.


  • Employees of O'Reilly Media, as well as Ian Darwin, the book's primary editor (and contributor), are not eligible to participate in the Contributor Rewards Program.
  • Acceptance of a recipe for inclusion in the Published Edition will be at the editor's sole discretion.
  • To be eligible for any reward, you must have accepted the current terms and conditions, which means we will have a working email and physical mailing address on file for you. We require this information in order to process your reward within 30 days of notification; if you fail to respond in a timely fashion to our notification, you waive your right to receive your reward. Due to the tight timeframe for the JAXconf prize, the time limit is five days, so be sure you have a working email on file!
  • In the unlikely event of a tie for the OSCon grand prize, the submission time of the last approved recipe by each contributor shall be used to break the tie. Judge's decision is final.
  • Rewards may not be assigned or substituted, except that O'Reilly reserves the right to substitute a reward for an item of equal or greater value if the offered reward is unavailable.
  • If the recipient of either Conference Pass is unable to attend, he/she shall decline the award within five days so that somebody else may attend.
  • Reward recipient is responsible for any applicable taxes and fees in connection with the rewards.
  • Void where prohibited.

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Thank you.

Ian Darwin, Editor