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Author: Wagied Davids ('w2davids')
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Running Adobe Air/Flex on Android


Developing AIR/Flex Apps for Android.


Necessary SDK downloads:

  1. Download the Flex 4.1 SDK: [1]/Download+Flex+4
  2. Download the Adobe AIR 2.5 SDK: [2]
  3. Download the Android SDK: [3]

Steps involved:

  1. Create a directory : C:\Library\AIR4Android
  2. First, extract/unzip the Android SDK 2.2 - think of this as the top/base layer
  3. Second, extract/unzip the Flex 4.1 SDK
  4. Third, copy the the AIR 2.5 sdk ZIP file into the extracted Flex SDK folder
  5. Fourth, extract/unzip the AIR2.5 SDK OVER-WRITING the existing FLEX SDK files/folders
  6. Push the AIR2.5 runtime onto the Android Emulator using the command:

adb install .\Runtime.apk


The technique involves overlaying the Adobe AIR sdk over the the Flex sdk. Once this is done the necessary Flex development environment is set-up. For FLASH and AIR applications to run on Android, an AIR runtime is required. To install the runtime on the emulator or device the adb tool is used. After the runtime is installed, AIR apps can be created using Flex Builder

Note: This works only with Android 2.2 upwards which have Flash player support.

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