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Author: Ian Darwin ('idarwin')
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The famous "Hello, World" pattern came about when Kernighan and Plaugher wanted to write a "recipe" on how to get started in any new programming language and environment. Their idea was that, if you could get a computer program to print out "Hello World", then you had mastered how to use the system in general, how to create/edit a program's source code, compile/translate/process it into a runnable program as needed, and run it. And once you'd done that you could, with elaboration, make the computer do anything! This chapter is affectionately dedicated to these fine gentlemen, and to everyone who has ever struggled to get started in a new programming paradigm. This chapter is a smorgasbord of "how to get started" recipes. We show you how to create and build an Android app using almost no tooling, using Apache Maven, using Eclipse, using Gradle, and using Android Studio. Nobody will regularly use all these techniques, but we chose to cover them all because some readers will like each way of doing things. Feel free to pick and choose, and try different ways of working on your application!