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Author: Rachee Singh ('racheesingh')
In Published Edition? Yes
FormatLanguage: WikiFormat

Sharing SL4A Scripts in QR Codes


You need to distribute your ASE scripts using QR (Quick Response) Codes


Use [1] or one of several other QR code generators to generate a QR code for your script.


Most people think of QR Codes as a convenient way to share URL-type links. Indeed, the printed edition of this book uses QRCodes for individual downloads of sample applications. However, the QRCode format is much more versatile, and can be used to package all sorts of things, like VCard (name and address) information. Here we use it to wrap the "plain text" of an ASE script, so that another Android user can get the script onto their device without retyping it. QR (Quick Response) codes are a great way to share your scripts if they are short (since QR codes can only encode 4,296 characters of content).

Follow these simple steps to generate a QR code for your script:

Many QR code readers are available for Android. Any such application can decipher the text that the QR code encrypts.

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