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Author: Ian Darwin ('idarwin')
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Learning the Java Language


Android apps are written in the Java(tm) programming language before they are converted into Android's own class file format, DEX. If you don't know how to program in Java you will find it hard to write Android apps.


There are lots of resources available to learn Java. Most of them will teach you what you need, but will also teach some API classes that are not available. Avoid any sections in any book that talk about topics in the left-hand column:

Parts of Java API to Ignore
Java API Android Equivalent
Swing, Applets Android's GUI, see Introduction: GUI
application entry point main() See Android Lifecycle
J2ME/JavaME Most of android.* replaces JavaME API
Servlets/JSP, J2EE/JavaEE Designed for server-side use


Here are some books and resources:

What's needed is for somebody to write a book on Android for non-Java Programmers that would include just exactly the right parts of standard Java language and API along with all the Android stuff. Available now in three volumes, ships in its own cool retro wooden case... :-).

See Also

This book's editor maintains a list of Java resources online at [1].

O'Reilly has many of the best Java books around; there's a complete list at [2].