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Author: Ian Darwin ('idarwin')
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Filing a Bug Report about Android itself


You think you've found a bug in Android.


If you're fairly new at Android development is is more likely that you have not fully understood the API, and you are encouraged to explore this site and other web resources to fully comprehend the issues. Nonetheless, as your developer-fu grows, you will likely someday run into a real bug, and want to report it.

Once you are sure you have a real bug, search the Android bug list to be sure it's not already filed (it probably is, unless you are the first person to use a new feature). If you find a bug report, "star" it (favorite it); this is how the Android team prioritizes bug fixes!

Finally, if you don't find it, file a bug report.


The official bug reporting site is at [1].

The first few paragraphs repeat what we have already stated: search the web first, then seach the site, and only then file a new report.

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