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Author: Daniel Fowler ('GR8DAN')
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Learning About Cross-Platform Solutions


There is no central list of the various development environments and languages available to build Android Apps.


A concise list of the various development options for Android App developers is provided.


In the following table HTML5 includes the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. Most of the entries are open source or have free versions, some support cross-platform development. Use the URL for more information.

List of Android App Development IDEs
Name Language URL Notes
AndMore Tools Java [1] Follow-on to ADT
Android Developer Tools Java [2] Discontinued
Android Studio Java [3] IntelliJ + Gradle
AppInventor Blocks (Logo) [4]
Application Craft HTML5 [5]
Basic4Android BASIC [6]
Cordova HTML5 [7]
Corona Lua [8]
Flutter Dart [9]
Intel XDK HTML5 [10]
IntelliJIDEA Java [11]
Monkey X BASIC [12]
Kivy Python [13]
MonoGame C# [14]
MoSync HTML5 or C/C++ [15]
Nomad HTML5 [16]
PhoneGap HTML5 [18]
RFO Basic BASIC [19]
RhoMobile Suite Ruby [20]
Titanium JavaScript [21]
Xamarin C# [22]

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