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Author: Ian Darwin ('idarwin')
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List of Android Marketplaces


There are many Android stores now.


See the list below.


For any of these other than Google Play (or whatever comes pre-installed on the device), users will have to enable "Unknown Sources" in the Settings app, which comes with a security warning. Google does a really good job of vetting apps for security problems; it is not known to what extent these other stores do so.

To get your app into one of these, start with the consumer site listed in the URL, and look at the store and see if you want to be associated with it. If so, look around for the "developer" or "partner" or "publisher" link, and sign up.

Name Comments URL Has Market App?
Google Play Formerly Android Market https://play.google.com/apps/ Y (Google Play)
Amazon Kindle Marketplace Most Android apps can run unchanged https://developer.amazon.com/apps-and-games ?
Barnes & Noble Discontinued N/A N/A
Blackberry 10 BB World Most Android apps run unchanged https://appworld.blackberry.com Y (BB World App; BB10 only)
F-Droid Free (open source) apps only! https://f-droid.org/ Y
GetJar Not limited to Android http://www.getjar.com/ Y
Samsung Included in Galaxy devices http://seller.samsungapps.com/ Y
SlideMe ... http://slideme.org/ Y

See Also

This list will always be out of date, but updates are welcome. A web search on 'alternative android market' will find lists that include some smaller/newer app stores. A most comprehensive list can be found at http://alternativeto.net/software/android-market/