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Author: Ian Darwin ('idarwin')
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Installing the Eclipse Marketplace Client in your Eclipse


Some installations of Eclipse include the Marketplace Client (MPC), but some do not. Since MPC is the easiest way to install new plugins into Eclipse, we document it here.


Use the traditional _Install New Software_ mechanism to 'bootstrap' the Marketplace Client.


First, see if your Eclipse already has the Marketplace Client. Near the bottom of the Help menu, in the section with _Check for Updates_, you may or may not see the entry for Eclipse Marketplace. If you so are done. If not, continue.

To install the Marketplace, select _Install New Software_ from the above Eclipse menu. To see what versions of Marketplace Client are available, switch to a web browser, and visit the url http://www.eclipse.org/mpc/ (see Figure 1).

Mouse over the link for the version of Eclipse you are running (e.g., Mars, which also works in Neon). Right click, and select the "copy link location" or whatever your browser calls that function. Switch back to Eclipse, and paste it into the URL in the "Work With" field on the "Install" dialog as in Figure 2. Click Add.

After a moment you will see some items to install. You probably don't need the source code for the MarketPlace client, so you can de-select that, as in Figure 3. Click OK, Finish, Accept, and whatever it takes to complete this operation - remember that it will wake up part way through to remind you that you're installing unsigned software.

When it's done, and Eclipse has restarted, go back the the Help menu, and you should now see a menu item for the MarketPlace client. Click this, and you should see the market, looking something like Figure 4.

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