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Author: Zigurd Mednieks ('zigurd')
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Distributing Your Application via Android Play (formerly the Android Market)


You want to give away or sell your application via the Android Market.


After you're satisfied that your application runs as expected on real Android devices, you're ready to upload to Android Market, Google's service for publishing and downloading Android applications. The procedure is pretty straightforward:

  1. Sign up as an Android Developer (if you're not already signed up).
  2. Upload your signed application.

Signing Up As an Android Developer

Go to Google's signup page at [1], and fill out the forms provided. You will be asked to:

The forms ask for a minimal amount of information--your name, phone number, etc.--and you are signed up.

Uploading Your Application

Now you can go to [2] to upload your application. To identify and categorize your application, you will be asked for the following:

Refer to the agreement you agreed to above to see what percentage you actually get to keep.

Finally, you are asked to confirm that your application meets the Android Content Guidelines and that it does not knowingly violate any export laws. After that, you can upload your apk file, and within a few days your application will appear on the Android Market online catalog, accessible from any connected Android device. You can view the apps either on your device or via the public-facing Market site [3] (append search terms to that URL!). Use the search box in the market, or, load in the browser a file with a link of the form URL of market://details?id=com.yourorg.yourprog, but with your application's actual package name.

Then What?

Then, sit back and watch the fame or money - and the support emails - roll in. Be patient with end users, for they do not think as we do.

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