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A Crowd-sourced Cookbook on Writing Great Android® Apps
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P Introduction
P Eliminating the unused "app/" directory path in Android Studio Projects
P Building an Android Application both with Eclipse and with Android Studio
P Understanding the Android Activity Life Cycle
P Learning the Java Language
N Learning About Android Releases
P Creating a "Hello, World" Application from the Command Line
P Creating a "Hello, World" App with Apache Maven
P Choosing an IDE for Android Development
P Setting Up Android Studio
P Creating a "Hello, World" App using Android Studio
P Converting an Eclipse ADT Project to Android Studio
P Setting Up Eclipse with AndMore (Replacing ADT)
P Creating a "Hello, World" Application using Eclipse
N Installing the Eclipse Marketplace Client in your Eclipse
P Installing .apk Files onto an Emulator via the ADB
N Installing apps onto an Android Emulator
P Sharing Java Classes from Another Eclipse Project
P Referencing Libraries to Implement External Functionality
P Using SDK Samples to Help Avoid Head Scratching
P Keeping the Android SDK Updated
P Taking a Screenshot/Video from the Emulator/Android Device
N Getting Screenshots
P Program: A Simple CountDownTimer Example
P Program: Tipster, a Tip Calculator for the Android OS
N Getting the source code of Android itself
P Filing a Bug Report about Android itself
P Preserving History while Converting from Eclipse to Android Studio
P Upgrading a Project from Eclipse ADT to Eclipse AndMore
P Using Java 8 Features in Android Studio 2
P Using the Compatibility Libraries
N Android 5 User Tutorial
P Becoming an Android Developer
N Preparing the development environment.
P Understanding the Android Application Architecture
N Hello World - Android Studio Version