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A Crowd-sourced Cookbook on Writing Great Android® Apps
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Chapter View
P Introduction: GUI
P Understanding and Following User Interface Guidelines
P Handling Configuration Changes by Decoupling the View from the Model
N Portrait or Landscape? Both!
P Creating a Button and Its Click Event Listener
P Wiring Up an Event Listener in Five Different Ways
P Using CheckBoxes and RadioButtons
P Enhancing UI Design Using Image Buttons
N Creating your own Custom Button Style
P Offering a Drop-Down Chooser via the Spinner Class
P Handling Long-Press/Long-Click Events
P Displaying Text Fields with TextView and EditText
P Constraining EditText Values with Attributes and the TextWatcher Interface
P Implementing AutoCompleteTextView
N Autocompletion with Icons/Images
P Feeding AutoCompleteTextView Using an SQLite Database Query
P Turning Edit Fields into Password Fields
P Changing the Enter Key to "Next" on the Soft Keyboard
P Processing Key-Press Events in an Activity
P Let Them See Stars: Using RatingBar
P Making a View Shake
P Providing Haptic Feedback
P Navigating Different Activities Within a TabView
P Creating a Custom Title Bar
P Formatting Numbers
P Formatting with Correct Plurals
N Starting a Second Screen from the First
P Creating a Loading Screen That Will Appear Between Two Activities
P Using SlidingDrawer to Overlap Other Components
P Customize the SlidingDrawer component to animate/transition from the top down.
N SlidingDrawer Overlapping other UI components
P Adding a Border with Rounded Corners to a Layout
P Detecting Gestures in Android
N Simple Calendar
P Building a UI Using Android 3.0 Fragments in Android 1.6 and Later
P Android 3.0 Photo Gallery
P Creating a Simple App Widget
N Using a Compound Drawable
N Change the Text Size for a Spinner
N Using Transitions Between Activitities
P Building Modern UIs with the Fragment API
N Prevent flickering when user performs scrolling on a view
N Custom Layouts
N Adding a Share Action to your ActionBar
P Controlling the ActionBar
P Creating a Tabbed Activity that is tappable and swipable
P Sliding Between Views with a ViewPager
N Choosing a Layout Manager (ViewGroup) and Arranging Components
P Creating a Custom View GUI Component
N Using FloatingButtons and FloatingActionBar
N Using Card Widgets
N Using Existing/Standard Drawables