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Creating Alerts in SL4A

In Chapter: Other Programming Languages
Author: Rachee Singh ('racheesingh')
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You need to create an alert box or pop-up dialog using Python in the Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A)


There are many kinds of alert dialogs that can be created using Python in ASE. They can have buttons, lists etc.


  • Start the ASE app on your emulator/phone.
  • Add a new python script my clicking the menu button and choosing 'Add'.

Choose Python 2.x option from the submenu that appears, like this:

  • This opens an editor. Enter the name of the script (I have named it alertdialog.py).

  • Now we are ready to put in the code to create Alert dialogs. Type in this code:
  title = 'Sample Alert Dialog'
  text = 'Alert Dialog Type 1!'
  droid.dialogCreateAlert(title, text)
  • Press the menu button and choose 'Save and Run' from the menu. This runs the script and this is how the alert dialog looks:

  • Similarly, try this type of alert dialog. On running you will see and alert dialog with 2 buttons:
  title = 'Sample Alert Dialog'
  text = 'Alert Dialog Type 2 with Buttons!'
  droid.dialogCreateAlert(title, text)

Here is how the alert dialog looks:

Also try this code to create an alert dialog with a list:

  title = 'Sample Alert Dialog'
  droid.dialogSetItems(['mango', 'apple', 'strawberry'])

Here is how the alert dialog looks:


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