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A Crowd-sourced Cookbook on Writing Great Android® Apps
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The Android Cookbook is a crowd-sourced O'Reilly Cookbook about how to build great Android applications. The book is full of how-to information along with code snippets that illustrate the ideas presented; most of the code samples are available as complete projects on github. It features both how-to's that overlap with the official documentation, and material that goes beyond this to be more tutorial, more in-depth, or explaining "lessons from the trenches": what actually works to get the application functioning well.

Unlike most books written by one, two or a few individuals, this one has input from dozens of contributors, who were all able to view and comment on each others' recipes before the book was published. The published version(s) include printed books, eBooks, and other uses. An earlier version of this website was used to crowd-source the book and displayed the individual recipes, but that has gotten out of date and the recipes are no longer available online here.

We still welcome contributions from anybody who has something useful to say about how to make usable and successful Android applications. There are several ways of contributing: experienced Android developers can write recipes; newer ones can suggest recipes that they'd like to see; anybody can read and comment on recipes. To contribute a new recipe or comment on an existing one, please use this contact form. All we ask of contributors is the following:

Everyone who contributed a Recipe that was chosen, or who yet contributes a new recipe that is chosen - at the editors' sole discretion - for inclusion in the published work, receives an ebook copy of the finished edition (readable in all supported O'Reilly eBook formats). And their name is of course included in the book.

Here is a list of chapters in the current edition. You can view the complete table of content at the O'Reilly site above.

0. Preface 1. Getting Started 2. Designing a successful Application
3. Testing 4. Securing Your Application 5. Inter/Intra-Application Communication
6. Graphics 7. Graphical User Interface 8. GUI Alerts: Menus, Dialogs, Toasts and Notifications
9. Other GUI Elements: Lists and Views 10. Multimedia 11. Data Persistence
12. Telephone Applications 13. Networked Applications 14. Gaming and Animation
15. Social Networking 16. Location and Map Applications 17. Accelerometer and other Sensors
18. Bluetooth 19. System and Device Control 20. Other Programming Languages
21. Strings and Internationalization 22. Packaging, deploying and selling